Photo 19 Dec 314 notes damn think i’m in love <333

damn think i’m in love <333

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Link 29 Oct the damage is done, so I guees I'll be leavin»
Photo 29 Oct Varna, BG &lt;3

Varna, BG <3

Photo 29 Oct
Photo 29 Oct 4,458 notes i&#8217;d like.

i’d like.

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Photo 27 Sep I know this don&#8217;t make sense but you&#8217;re my hallelujah.

I know this don’t make sense but you’re my hallelujah.

Text 27 Sep ..

'People always leave' - Peyton Sawyer .. No matter why, no matter when, eventually they leave. They leave you with no place to give your love, to share your pain.. and usually never come back. Just like the smoke of a cigarette - you breathe it in and then out and that's it. It's gone. Love is gone. Feelings are gone. Тhe point of your life.. also gone.

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